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TCCL update 2015-2016 season

Published on: 2015-04-30

Twin Cities Chess League is growing!
Unfortunately, the Roseville Oval site is no longer adequate as it is simply too small to hold the expanding nature of the League.

A very pleasant problem, for sure!
We completely enjoued our stay at the Oval, and hope to continue to use the facility for other events. We thank the City of Roseville and the Oval staff for being partners with the MSCA to host the TCCL over the past several years.

We have a new site, not very far away, and still in Roseville.
Fantasy Flight Game Center near the intersection of 35W and Hwy 36 has a large facility for games competition. They have agreed to host the TCCL for a very reasonable cost.  https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/fantasy-flight-games-center/


We are also adding another round-robin section. Here's how it works for the coming season:

Fantasy Flight Game Center
1975 County Road B2 West
Roseville, MN 55113

Fridays 7:00 pm
Round 1: Sep 25, 2015
Round 2: Oct 23
Round 3: Nov 20
Round 4: Dec 18
Round 5: Jan 22, 2016
Round 6: Feb 19
Round 7: Mar 18

Division 1: entry by qualification, 1- 6 from Gold, 1-2 from Silver 2014-15 season; 7RR; G/90 d/5
Qualified teams: Champions of the Castle, Pawn America, NYET, Rochester UltiMates, Topolov the Day to you, Twin Knights of CCOM, Idiots of Low Moral Quality, and, to be determined…

Division 2: entry by qualification, 7-8 from Gold, 3-6 from Silver, 1-2 from Bronze 2014-15 season; 7RR; G/90 d/5
Qualified teams: b2 or not b2, 3M64, Kings of St Thomas, Team Bobby Fischer, UMN-TC, Sons of the Mechiede, Supernova, and it’s a Trap!

Division 3: entry by qualification, 7-8 from Silver, 3-4 from Bronze 2014-15 season, top 4 by average rating; 7RR; G/90 d/5
Qualified teams: Ausrin City Limits, Metro Chess, Gloryhole, Rochester Rookies and four additional teams by rating.

If a qualified team is not returning (please let me know), the order of replacement is the next two teams from the lower section have the option of moving up, then the 7th and 8th place teams have the option of remaining in the division. This process continues until Divisions 1, 2 and 3 have eight teams each.
Teams in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 must commit to participate in all rounds (no team forfeit, byes, or withdraw)
If a qualified team declines advancement to the higher division, that team will be entered as a “new” team (Division 4)

Division 4 (Open): 7SS; G/60 d/5
Teams not qualified by the above and all new teams enter Division 4.
Top four teams by average rating will be placed in Division 3.
Unrated players and teams welcome!
Scholastic teams welcome!

All: Entry Fee $100 per team; Team consists of four players, unlimited substitutions (alternates); not rated; no memberships required (MSCA membership encouraged).  September supplement will be used for team ratings and board placement. Trophies and medals to top teams in each division and to top individuals by board number.

Forfeit time 30 minutes from start of round.

Individual players: Don’t have a team? NO PROBLEM! Many teams will be looking for players, (either substitutes or as a permanent member) or we can form a new team of those available in round 1 – on the spot.
Hired Guns: Throughout the season teams may be short-handed and looking for substitutes, so show up and get in a game.


David Kuhns,
Director- TCCL

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